Industrie-Rohr-Bau GmbH

We about us

The statement of the IRB-executive board about environmental protection, quality and work safety management will prepare the path and accompany our customers and partners. 

Corporate history

IRB was founded on 01.04.1977. The basis of action was to be primarily maintenance and small projects for the local industry

Already in 1979 extensive repairs and supplementation on equipment have been carried out. In 1980 urged by the TÜV-Nord apparatus construction started on the works place at the DOW-area. This line of business became in 1987 so important and present for the IRB that a special product line was created in Drochtersen that was brought to today’s standard in the years 1990 and 1993.

The management took care that the IRB was always able to do also on-site repairs and rebuilding on works facilities on a large scale. With that the IRB made a name for itself in many work facilities/companies in Germany and has planned per RV further activities.

That way the IRB got for instance also an RV in DOW Olefinverbund for repairs and rebuilding. That were the reasons to start the 2nd evolution step:

Distribution of sales of our products

Our production and manufacturing provides our customers with the highest constant know-how and many years of broad experience.

4 Locations - on the spot

As part of our continuously increased production we are available for our customers at the following 4 locations as well as directly on site:

Locations Planning and production

D-21706 Drochtersen | Werkstraße 14
Tel.: 04143 – 9992 – 0
Fax: 04143 – 7544
company premises
hall areas
offices and floor space
18000 m²
1615 m²
1290 m²
Quarter Stade
D-21683 Stade | Hörner-Deichfeld-West 11
Tel.: 04141-7778-0
Fax: 04141-45314
company premises
hall areas
offices and floor space
7235 m²
1075 m²
465 m²
Branch -RB- Schkopau
D-06258 Schkopau | ValuePark DOW/Bau A 50
Tel.: 03461-493566
Fax: 03461-493567
company premises
hall areas
offices and floor space
roofed warehouse
7700 m²
1200 m²
650 m²
680 m²
Quarter Witten 
D-58454 Witten | Salinger Feld 10A
Tel.: 02302-9829969
Fax: 02302-9829967
hall areas
offices and floor space
735 m²
100 m²